Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver? 
We are sorry we do not deliver.  

Can I Call in a Take Out Order? 
We do not accept take-out orders by phone.  You are able to order online!   We offer counter service and are set up so that we can put your meal together very very quickly, so come on in..   The chickens will be ready and our sides on display for you selection.  

Why do you sometimes run out of chicken?
We marinate our chicken for 24 hours before slow roasting it over hardwood charcoal.  We are committed to a high quality product and this process takes time.  We try to anticipate the demand on any given day but on occasion we guess incorrectly and don't have enough chicken to feed the masses.  Unfortunately their are no short cuts to great chicken!

Can I reserve a table? 
We have 10 tables in our covered outdoor seating area, and 10 tables in our patio. . These tables are first come first serve basis.  

Is Big Chickie a chain restaurant? 
Nope, it is the one and only! Dreamed up by Matt & Sara Stubbs, South Seattle residents who missed charcoal roasted chicken and wanted more casual and family friendly dining options south of I-90.